Roofing on churches

Church Roofing

Church roofing is popular in the United States due to the large number of buildings available. There are thousands of churches in the nation many of which need regular maintenance. Church roofing is a source for revenue for local roofers. The large square footage of the church roofing is an interesting opportunity for roofing companies. Metal roofing, A-frame roofing, helm roof, and so on are popular for church roofing.


Roofs on churches have unique shapes and must be installed carefully. The architecture of the churches must be maintained and the roofs installed must be in compliance with the rest of the structure. Some of the roofs are very old and are hard to maintain. The vaults and towers of the churches are so unique and must be protected during any renovation.



Church roofing poses numerous challenges to the roofers. Protecting the architecture and maintaining the stability of the entire structure is crucial.

Lack of funding is a big limitation for church roofing. Churches operate on a limited budget and do not have much set apart for the maintenance. Re-roofing or any changes to the roof must be within the budget set apart by the churches.

Communities are generally resistant towards any major demolishing of old churches and building some thing else in the same place. Church roofing thus is a prestigious project for any roofing company. Church roofing can be accomplished using architectural shingles that have wider nailing areas such as IKO Cambridge or IKO Dynasty.


Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in the Midwest who are experts in church roofing. Olde Town Group offers services such as roofing, siding, windows, home improvement, commercial roofing, and so on. Sean Vogler is the owner of Olde Town Group. Olde Town Group is a certified Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO. This results in quality products and services to all customers. Olde Town Group is chosen by customers for their professional work and cleanup efforts.

Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing has installed thousands of high profile projects in the area. Olde Town Group partners with IKO roofing, James Hardie siding, CertainTeed products, Tyvek house wrap, Andersen windows, and so on. They are aware of the challenges of church roofing and can accomplish the projects with no hassles. Olde Town Group accepts most insurances and partners with financial institutions for financing. Olde Town Group has head quarters in Moline and operates in and around 200 miles of Quad Cities. Contact Olde Town Group at 309-517-1676 or 309-738-5550 for more information.

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